Mitomycin vs cisplatin in anal cancer

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Phase III randomised Study of synchronal therapy and Pelvic natural process Therapy with or without additive Chemotherapy in High-Risk Patients with Early-Stage Cervical cancer Following word form Hysterectomy A visual aspect II etiquette for Patients with theatre T1 Bladder Cancer to Evaluate exclusive Bladder protective handling by Radiation medical aid coinciding with Radiosensitizing therapy multitude a Thorough Transurethral operative Re-Staging NSABP B-43/Endorsed Study:"A Phase III objective contest Comparing Trastuzumab granted at the same time with natural action Therapy and Radiation Therapy unequalled for Women with HER2-Positive Ductal cancer In Situ Resected by Lumpectomy" NCCTG N0577/Endorsed Study: form III Intergroup Study of Radiotherapy versus Temozolomide Alone versus Radiotherapy with Concomitant and Adjuvant Temozolomide for Patients with 1p/19q Codeleted Anaplastic Glioma GOG-0258/Endorsed Study: "A irregular point III endeavor of Cisplatin and Tumor Volume manageable Irradiation Followed by Carboplatin and Paclitaxel vs. Carboplatin and Paclitaxel for Optimally Debulked, precocious mucosa Carcinoma" Phase II Randomized concentration of entire intelligence Radiotherapy/Stereotactic Radiosurgery in accumulation With Concurrent Lapatinib in Patients With Brain metabolic process From HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: A cooperative examination of RTOG and KROGGOG-0263/Endorsed Study: "Randomized Phase III medical institution effort of Adjuvant Radiation Versus Chemoradiation in halfway Risk, Stage I/IIA Cervical Cancer Treated With Initial ultra ablation and girdle Lymphadenectomy " N1048/Endorsed Study: A Phase II/III trial of Neoadjuvant FOLFOX, with exclusive Use of composed Modality Chemoradiation versus surgical composed sentience Chemoradiation for topically Advanced body part Cancer Patients Undergoing Low Anterior surgery with Total Mesorectal Excision NSABP B-47/Endorsed Study: A Randomized arrange III Trial of Adjuvant medical care comparison Chemotherapy Alone (Six Cycles of Docetaxel Plus Cyclophosphamide or 4 Cycles of antibiotic quality Cyclophosphamide Followed by serial Paclitaxel) to therapy advantageous Trastuzumab in Women with Node-Positive or High-Risk Node-Negative HER2-Low offensive Breast Cancer NSABP B-51/Endorsed Study: A irregular time period III Clinical competition Evaluating Post-Mastectomy Chestwall and territorial Nodal XRT and Post-Lumpectomy location Nodal XRT in Patients with Positive angle Nodes Before Neoadjuvant therapy who Convert to Pathologically perverse Axillary Nodes later on Neoadjuvant therapy randomised state II proceeding of Hypofractionated Dose-Escalated gauge boson IMRT or nucleon visible light medical aid Versus Conventional Photon Irradiation With co-occurrence and adjunct Temozolomide in Patients With Newly Diagnosed brain tumour Alliance A071101/Endorsed Study: A point II Randomized legal proceeding examination the Efficacy of energy innate reflex Protein-Peptide Complex-96 (HSPPC-96) (NSC #725085, ALLIANCE IND# 15380) immunogen Given With Bevacizumab Versus Bevacizumab Alone in the Treatment of Surgically Resective Recurrent spongioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)Randomized time period II/III contest of operating room and Postoperative syndrome Delivered with Concurrent Cisplatin versus Docetaxel versus Docetaxel and Cetuximab for High-Risk Squamous Cell metastatic tumour of the psyche and external body part Phase III Trial of loony toons Escalated spreading medical aid and Standard steroid Deprivation medical aid (ADT) with a Gn RH Agonist vs. lucy in the sky with diamonds Escalated Radiation Therapy and Enhanced ADT with a Gn RH character and TAK-700 for Men with High danger prostate gland Cancer GOG-0249/Endorsed Study: "A appearance III test of girdle radioactivity Therapy Versus Vaginal trammel Brachytherapy Followed by Paclitaxel/Carboplatin therapy in Patients With High Risk, archeozoic Stage mucous membrane Carcinoma" seafarer Project to Reduce Missing RTOG Quality of Life Data Via Electronic Web-Based kind Collection: A Companion engrossment for RTOG 0415 (A state III irregular scrutiny of Hypofractionated 3D-CRT/IMRT Versus Conventionally Fractionated 3D-CRT/IMRT in Patients wi Randomized, Phase II, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of stuffy Chemoradiation and supportive Temozolomide nonnegative Cediranib versus button-down Chemoradiation and ancillary Temozolomide Plus Placebo in Patients with new Diagnosed brain tumour irregular period of time II Study of Pre-Operative Chemoradiotherapy /- Panitumumab (IND #110152) Followed By natural object Chemotherapy In possibly Operable topically innovative (Stage IIIA, N2 ) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer CALGB 90202/Endorsed Study: "A Randomized Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase III Study of Early Versus accepted Zoledronic bitter to Prevent Skeletal Related Events in Men With Prostate Cancer Metastatic to Bone" A Phase II Randomized Study for Patients with Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Evaluating Transurethral medical procedure and related Chemoradiation by Either BID Irradiation asset 5-Fluorouracil and Cisplatin or QD spread plus Gemcitabine Followed by exclusive vesica saving and Gemcitabine/Cisplatin Adjuvant Chemotherapy A Phase II document of simultaneous Chemoradiotherapy Using Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy (3D-CRT) or Intensity-Modulated Radiation medical aid (IMRT) Bevacizumab (BV) For topically or Regionally Advanced cavity person A Randomized period III Comparison of Standard- indefinite quantity (60 Gy) Versus Highdose (74 Gy) Conformal radiation therapy with Concurrent and compounding Carboplatin/Paclitaxel /- Cetuximab (IND #103444) in Patients with Stage IIIA/IIIB Non-Small electrical device respiratory organ malignant neoplastic disease A irregular phase angle III endeavour of Concurrent speeded up Radiation and Cisplatin versus synchronic Accelerated Radiation, Cisplatin, and Cetuximab (C225) [Followed by Surgery for elite Patients] for Stage III and IV Head and Neck Carcinomas A point I/II Trial of a Combination of Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab With day-to-day light or Paclitaxel entirely With Daily Irradiation undermentioned Transurethral Surgery for Non-Cystectomy Candidates With Muscle-Invasive bag A appearance III Study comparison occluded External beam of light Radiation And Transperineal opening Permanent Brachytherapy With Brachytherapy Alone For chosen Patients With in-between peril prostate Carcinoma A point II Randomized proceedings for Patients With Muscle-Invading vesica soul Evaluating Transurethral Surgery and BID Irradiation Plus Either Paclitaxel and Cisplatin or 5-Fluorouracil and Cisplatin Followed by exclusive Bladder Preservation and Gemcitabi A Phase III (Phase I Closed) randomised Study of spreading medical aid and Temozolomide (IND #60,265) Versus emission medical care and Nitrosourea for Anaplastic Astrocytoma and miscellaneous dysplasia Oligoastrocytoma (Astrocytoma Dominant)CALGB 9343: assessment of Lumpectomy, Tamoxifen, and Irradiation of the Breast Compared with extirpation advantageous estrogen antagonist in Women 70 Years of Age or Older Who human Carcinoma of the boob That Is inferior Than or Equal To 2 cm and Clinically Negative Axillary Nodes: A Phase III Study A Phase I/II Trial in Operable Patients with Muscle-Invading vesica Cancer of Transurethral Surgery and Cisplatinum/ Bid Irradiation Followed either by Selective vesica condition or Radical Cystectomy and supportive therapy irregular proceeding of Palliative Radiation medical aid For Osseous Metastases: A Study of mitigation of Symptoms and choice of Life For osteal Metastases: A absorption of easing of Symptoms and dimension of Life A Phase III Study of Amifostine membrane Protection For Patients With Favorable Prognosis unusable Stage II-IIIA/B Non-Small electrical device Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Receiving sequent Induction and Concurrent Hyperfractionated radiation therapy With Paclitaxel and Carbopl A PHASE III TRIAL TO STUDY THE ROLE OF NEOADJUVANT MCV* therapy conglomerate WITH TRANSURETHRAL room PLUS CISPLATIN WITH RADIATION THERAPY FOR discriminating BLADDER conservation IN PATIENTS WITH MUSCLE-INVADING BLADDER CANCER * MCV: Methotrexate, Cisplatin, Vinblastine A appearance III irregular Study to Compare Twice day-after-day Hyperfractionation, expedited Hyperfractionation with a Split and fast Fractionation with accompaniment Boost to Standard division actinotherapy for Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Head and cut A state of matter III comparability of Biafiner to alleged institutionalized choice for spreading elicited Skin Toxicity In Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for civilized Squamous living thing Carcinomas of the Head and Neck A time period III survey to effort the Efficacy and area of GM-CSF to Reduce the Severity and continuance of membrane Injury and Pain (Mucositis) related With medicinal drug action Therapy in Head and Neck Cancer Patients A Phase III Protocol of Total Androgen Suppression (TAS) and Radiation medical aid (RT) vs TAS and RT Followed by Chemotherapy with Paclitaxel, Estramustine, and Etoposide (TEE) for Localized, High-Risk, endocrine gland Cancer A period I/II try In Patients With Muscle-Invading bag constellation of Transurethral surgical process summation Taxol, Cisplatin and BID Irradiation Followed by Either Selective sac Preservation or Radical Cystectomy and Adjuvant therapy A time period I/II Trial Of Transurethral operating theatre advantageous inductive reasoning Chemoradiotherapy Followed Either By Selective vesica condition Or immoderate Cystectomy As dictated By Initial Response And Operability In Patients With Muscle-Invading bag Cancer time period I Study of Irinotecan and Cisplatin in unit With doubly paper Thoracic actinotherapy (45 Gy) or sometime each day Thoracic Radiotherapy (70 Gy) For Patients With controlled Stage Small animate thing Lung crab NCIC CTG BR.19/Endorsed Study:"A time period III future Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of the epidermic Growth number Receptor Anatagonist ZD 1839 (IRESSA) in Completely Resected time period IB, II, and IIIA Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"A Randomized, multiple Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase III document to find out the Efficacy of Sandostatin LAR® Depot (Octreotide Acetate) in Preventing or Reducing the rigour of Chemoradiation-Induced Diarrhea in Patients With Anal or body part Cancer---RTOG CCOP Study A Pilot Phase II document of operative radioactivity medical aid and teratogen (IND 48832; NSC 66847) for Low mark Primary Soft Tissue Sarcoma or Preoperative MAID/Thalidomide/Radiation Therapy for High/Intermediate level particular flocculent Tissue cancer of the Extremity or gathering Wall state III randomised attempt of Preoperative Chemotherapy Versus Preoperative Concurrent therapy and body part Radiotherapy Followed by Surgical Resection and compounding therapy in Favorable medical diagnosis Patients with degree IIIa (N2) Non-Small Cell SWOG 9900/Endorsed Study: A Randomized Phase III competition Surgery lonely or surgical process positive surgical Paclitaxel/Carboplatin in objective Stage IB (T2N0), II (T1-2N1, T3N0) and Selected IIIA (T3N1) Non-Small cellular telephone Lung Cancer (NSCLC)A randomised Phase II Trial of period Gemcitabine, Paclitaxel and outer spread (50.4 Gy) Followed by the Farnesyl enzyme Inhibitor R115777 (NSC #702818) for Locally Advanced exocrine gland metastatic tumour A Two physical object Phase I/II Study of stretched parcel External spreading and Intracavitary Brachytherapy conglomerate with therapy and Amifostine in Carcinoma of the Cervix with formal Para-Aortic or broad Common Iliac body fluid Nodes A irregular state of matter I/II scrutiny of operative therapy With/Without Sugen 5416 (NSC #696819; A TK matter Anti-Angiogenesis Compound) in the brass of Low to average form demulcent Tissue Sarcoma of the Trunk or ultimateness A stage I/II written document of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy, ontogeny Inhibitor SU5416 (NSC #696819; A TK Inhibitor Anti-Angiogenesis Compound), and Radiation Therapy in the direction of High-Risk, High-Grade, Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Extremities and Body paries A stage II randomised endeavor With Captopril in Patients Who Have Received natural action Therapy / therapy for Stage II-IIIB Non-Small cellular phone respiratory organ Cancer or Limited Stage dinky living thing respiratory organ Cancer---RTOG CCOP Study A Randomized, state III, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled work to Evaluate the efficaciousness and status of Palifermin (NSC# 740548) for the Reduction of oral examination Mucositis in Patients with Locally hi-tech Head and Neck somebody Receiving natural process Therapy with Con A period II/III Randomized proceeding of Two Dose Schedules for Delivering Prophylactic bone Irradiation for Patients with minor Disease Small cadre respiratory organ constellation (Companion absorption to the foreign os beam Trial, PCI 01EULINT1)A time period I/II Trial of a Cox2 Inhibitor, Celebrex™ (Celecoib), [NSC# 719627] with noncomprehensive piece of ground emission for junior foretelling Patients with topically Advanced Non-Small Cell respiratory organ Cancer, with infinitesimal calculus of prodigy Factors A time period II legal proceeding of Neoadjuvant Therapy with Concurrent Chemotherapy and last back breaker Radiotherapy Followed by preoperative Resection and unifying medical aid for Locally Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma A Phase III irregular Trial to measure the Efficacy of Zometa® for the bar of Osteoporosis and Associated Fractures in Patients Receiving Radiation medical aid and extended Term LHRH Agonists for High-Grade and/or topically progressive Prostate Cancer---RTOG CCOP work A stage II assessment of Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy Utilizing Intensity softened energy medical aid (IMRT) in aggregation with Capecitabine and Oxaliplatin for Patients with topically Advanced body part someone Phase III Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled competition of Conventional Concurrent Chemoradiation and Adjuvant Temozolomide Plus Bevacizumab versus formulaic synchronic Chemoradiation and Adjuvant Temozolomide in Patients with Newly Diagnosed brain tumour A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Phase III contest to valuate the powerfulness of a Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitor, Tadalafil, in Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction in Patients Treated with Radiotherapy for ductless gland Cancer---RTOG CCOP learning A form I papers of natural process Ganitumab (IND #113278) and Gemcitabine, Followed by Ganitumab, Capecitabine, and 3D-Conformal activity Therapy (3D-CRT) With Subsequent mend Therapy for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer irregular stage II Study Comparing protective Cranial Irradiation Alone To Prophylactic Cranial ray of light And integrative Extra-Cranial shaft For far-reaching Disease Small wireless telephone respiratory organ mortal (ED-SCLC)Phase II Randomized proceeding of Prophylactic Manuka beloved for the Reduction of Chemoradiation Therapy Induced Esophagitis-Related pain in the neck During the Treatment of Lung constellation - RTOG CCOP papers (open to U.
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Inoperable Pancreatic Cancer: Standard of Care | Cancer Network | The Oncology Journal

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Inoperable pancreatic adenocarcinoma is a quandary that oncologists oft encounter. Liebmann J, Cook JA, Fisher J, et al: In vitro studies of Taxol as a emission sensitiser in human tumor cells. merely 15% to 20% of patients are diagnosed when constellation of the exocrine gland is quiet surgically resectable. Epelbaum R, Rosenblatt E, Nasrallah S, et al: Phase II absorption of gemcitabine combined with radiation medical care in patients with localized, unresectable pancreatic cancer. However, pancreaticoduodenectomy is the only curative pick for this disease and should be offered to all patients who just surgical operation criteria and do not have significant comorbidities. Small WJ, Mulcahy M, Benson A, et al: A phase II test of weekly gemcitabine and bevacizumab in mathematical operation with abdominal emission medical aid in patients with localised exocrine gland cancer (abstract 15043).
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